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Search Engine Optimization is the art of knowing how search engines operate and using the correct tactics to rank high on websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sounds simple? It isn’t. Every year millions of companies compete in a rankings battle, determined to reach that number one spot. Now, unless you have a budget with no boundaries, this will not happen overnight. Building a steady, organic SEO strategy is vital. Rush your approach and Google will punish you for potential SPAMMING, which obviously isn’t a good thing.

Here at IGNXT Technologies, we can create an efficient SEO plan to benefit your company’s online reputation. By the using blogs, social media, PPC, email campaigns and analytics, together with our experience, we can help you obtain solid Google rankings.

We Offers You

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the top methods people use to find everything they want through online. Being listed for and achieving a top ranking for relevant keywords can deliver a significant stream of prospects that are actively looking for the kinds of products or services you offer.

Pay per Click Management

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is essential if you want to reach a wider audience, whilst climbing Google rankings in the process. With our experience we can create efficient PPC campaigns which will help increase your online reputation.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking has never been more important to businesses than they are today. We can help build a strong range of social media’s, which will generate interest and attract potential customers to your company.

Local Listing Service

Google places or Google local listing is search results on Google based upon location. The search page also displays the map of the region put in the search box. For anyone who owns a business, the first important step to give exposure to the business is to add the listing for his or her business location.

Viral Marketing (VM)

Viral marketing is a mix of marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to increases brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives of a business. Viral marketing helps to increase product sales with help of various processes and modules that resemble viruses.

SEM or Internet Marketing

Web has become an overcrowded marketplace where you require specialized online marketing skills to get success. IGNXT Technologies is addressing it myth because we are highly technical and streamlined in our approach toward online marketing

Content and Blog Writing

A content rich website goes a long way in online promotion of your business and IGNXT Technologies provides unique, keyword rich marketable content that does wonders to your search engine rankings by boosting your website’s positions on search engines.

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